How to stop the Feds tapping your phone

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have discovered serious weaknesses in government wire tapping technology and published a paper detailing the loopholes.

The weaknesses “represent a serious threat to the accuracy and completeness of wiretap records used for both criminal investigation and as evidence in trial,” says the paper, presented at the CCS security conference in Chicago last week.

The researchers say that wiretaps can be rendered useless by a simple denial of service (DoS) attack due to the limited bandwidth – 64Kbps – used by call tracking devices to store data.

Sending a batch of SMS texts from a mobile or making a VoIP call is more than likely to overwhelm the call monitoring system and cause it to drop the connection.

Researchers say that programming a PC to make seven VoIP calls per second or to send 42 SMS messages per second is more than enough to fox the Feds.

The complete paper is available here.