Government anti-leak document leaked

There is more embarrassment for the UK Ministry of Defence after a document about how to avoid leaks of documents was leaked onto the internet.

The British Government has been having problems with leaks since the dawn of time, particularly after an embarrassing scandal over expenses claims. According to  the Daily Mail, the security manual which sets out tactics for preventing Chinese and Russian intelligence services from using blackmail or hi-tech gadgets to obtain sensitive information was unfortunately published online.

It describes methods of countering the threat from ‘subversive or terrorist organisations’ and those terrible investigative journalists who refuse to type out what the government hands them in press releases.

The UK MoD Manual of Security, which contains the UK military protocol for security and counter-intelligence operations, turned up on Wikileaks. The three-volume, 560,000-word guide is marked ‘Restricted’.

The MoD insisted the publication did not pose ‘significant security concerns’ because it was written in 2001 and many of the issues such as leaky staff and Russian and Chinese security lapses have long been dealt with.

While we have not read the whole document, we doubt that the matter of disks and laptops turning up in dumpsters or left on board trains has been adequately put to rest.