Geohot donates $10,000 to the EFF

Famed PS3 hacker George Hotz has donated a cool $10,000 (the remainder of his legal defense fund) to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) after settling a lawsuit with Sony.

“This money goes to the EFF in hopes that America can one day again be a shining example of freedom, free of the DMCA and ACTA, and that private interest will never trump the ideas laid out in the constitution of privacy, ownership, and free speech,” Gehot explained in an official blog post.

“[Also], at the end of the day, [there is] something [else] I take comfort in. The PS3 got OWNED. [Remember], once the code works they’ll never be able to take it away from us.”

However, Hotz emphasized he would refrain from “working” on Sony products anonymously, as he respected the court’s decision.

Nevertheless, Hotz noted the corporation’s legal threats were unlikely to intimidate others from hacking Sony devices in the future.

“If you piss them off enough for them to pull out the legal team and their million dollar checkbook, worst thing that happens is you have to super swear to never do it again,” he said.

Hotz also predicted Sony would undoubtedly do an even “worse job” securing upcoming products, such as the NGP.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if the people who did PS3 security were fired. And I’m curious as to who Sony is hiring for NGP security. Lawyers? 

“Get the code to sign a contract that it won’t have exploits? You shouldn’t piss off the community of people who are actually talented at this stuff. Hell, maybe you even pissed off your engineering employees enough to leave some nice backdoors,” he added.