Ford lets parents restrict children’s driving

We’ve all seen people of all ages do stupid things on the road, but statistics say that teenagers are still the most accident-prone. Enter the new Ford MyKey feature.

Ford realizes that parents like to have a bit more control over what their children do while on the road, and while it may make you look like the least cool parent on the block, it may save you from unspeakable tragedy.

The new MyKey feature, set to come out on select Ford models, will allow a master driver to set controls on the car that put a cap on how fast it can go. Settings range from 65 MPH to 80 MPH, at 5 MPH increments.

The higher you go, the less useful it seems. It would be interesting if my dad told me never to speed, but if I wanted to, don’t go any more than 80 miles per hour. Nevertheless, it will at least prevent your kid from drag racing, or at least if they do, they’d never win.

The MyKey feature also has interactivity with your car’s satellite radio system. Satellite radio services already have parental control features, but if you can’t figure those out, Ford will do it for you.

MyKey even has a way to encourage drivers to buckle up, by allowing parents to enable a feature that will prevent the radio from working unless the driver’s side seat belt is connected.

Improving safety is the biggest focus for automakers’ advancements in technology, and Ford is taking the next step in making it easy and affordable for new car owners.