Feds initiate probe of Anonymous DDoS attacks

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is currently probing a slew of DDoS attacks executed by cyber activists associated with Anonymous.

According to CNET, the FBI recently stepped up the pace of its investigation after followers of the protest movement unceremoniously downed the US Copyright Office website last week.

Indeed, Matthew Raymond, a spokesman for the US Library of Congress, confirmed in an e-mail to CNET that the DDoS attack “significantly degraded the ability of users to access that [Copyright Office] server.”

Other sites targeted by the digital protestors include the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), The Recording Industry Association (RIAA), Hustler magazine, rocker Gene Simmons and The British Phonographic Industry.

However, as TG Daily previously reported, the group has indicated that it may temporarily switch tactics in an effort to promote negotiations over digital copyright policies.

“Apparently DDoSing and hacking websites alone is not good enough. [Sure], we could announce actions for the fifth of November, next year,” said the spokesperson.

“But I doubt those will be taken serious either. [Yes], we started attacking government sites, but those will eventually be ignored as well.”

The spokesperson also noted that Anonymous had published a list of “reform proposals” to encourage dialogue, so as long as it remained a “two-way” process.

The full, unedited list can be viewed here.