ElcomSoft cracks BlackBerry encryption

ElcomSoft has coded a “password breaker tool” to unlock backups created by RIM BlackBerry smartphones. The utility – which is supposedly targeted at forensic investigators – also offers support for cracking a wide range of iOS-based devices.

“The Phone Password Breaker enables forensic access to encrypted information, including messages, email, contacts organizer data, Web browsing history, voicemail, email accounts and settings,” confirmed ElcomSoft CEO Vladimir Katalov.

“[It] is the first commercial product to unlock password-protected BlackBerry backups and remains the only product on the market to recover iPhone backups and decrypt keychains.”

According to Katalov, the password breaker operates by recovering original, plain-text passwords and decrypting locked information.

“Equipped with brute-force and advanced dictionary attacks with a wide range of permutations and running on a modern quad-core CPU, Elcomsoft can try up to three million passwords per second for BlackBerry [generated] backups.

“[In addition], GPU-accelerated recovery is employed to [accelerate] the recovery of passwords protecting data backups for all Apple devices running iOS, including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices of all generations released to date.”