Domestic spying to protect against cyber warfare

Big Brother really is watching you, and checking your emails for evidence you may be plotting a cyber attack on the US government, according to a declassified summary of project Einstein, the US National Security Association’s program to protect the States from cyber warfare.

Obama’s administration has decided to let the public know that, yes, just as they suspected, they are being watched and monitored by the NSA, but only, you understand, to protect against cyber war, not for anything sinister like checking up on you. Purportedly.

Turns out the last version of the NSA’s anti cyber attack system was a bit piss poor, so the organization was told to go back to the drawing board and come up with a more robust version, which can now whip through billions upon billions of internet communication, stripping them down to important keywords and telltale indicators of no-goodness and skullduggery. 

No doubt this pleases privacy advocates no end, but at least Obama’s administration is being somewhat more open about its domestic spying efforts, whereas the George W. Bush administration was a little more guarded about secretive about its nanny state policies.

Privacy and homeland security. It’s a double edged sword; which makes it all the more important who is yielding it.