DHS refuses to apologize for website seizures

A high-ranking Homeland Security official is refusing to apologize for the recent DHS-led seizure of “questionable” websites.

Indeed, John Morton, director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), said he remained utterly “unapologetic” about the controversial takedowns.

Nevertheless, Morton claimed (with a straight face, no less) that his department has “zero interest in limiting free speech.”

Yeah, right. Now, where have we heard that before?


Well, it seems as if even Morton doesn’t believe his own propaganda (sheesh, like who would?), because the uber-spinmaster went on to say that the DHS will continue seizing unlawful websites.

“[True], ICE is not the police of the Internet,” he acknowledged.

“[But] we will follow criminal activity wherever it occurs, including [online].”

Morton – who made his remarks at a keynote address at the State of the Net conference – also boasted that the simple action of pwning eight domain names prompted over 80 other “rogue” sites to shut down on their own.

Intimidation, what?

“I’ve never seen that kind of deterrence come from a single law enforcement action before,” he proudly added. 


(Via The Hill)