Cloud powers quick and dirty WPA-PSK hack

A security researcher claims to have coded a quick and dirty WPA-PSK hack that exploits the processing power of Amazon’s Cloud computing infrastructure to break into wireless networks.

According to Thomas Roth, the software is currently capable of generating and testing a staggering 400,000 potential passwords per second.

Preliminary tests indicate that the hack can crack WPA-PSK protected networks in approximately 6 minutes.

”Once you are in, you can do everything you can do if you are connected to the network,” Roth told Reuters.

“People tell me there is no possible way to break WPA, or, if it were possible, it would cost you a ton of money to do so. But it is [quite] easy to brute force them.”

Roth is slated to debut the WPA-PSK hack later this month at the annual Black Hat security conference in Washington, D.C.