CIA attempts to halt spread of dangerous technology

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is forming a specialized unit to counter the proliferation of dangerous weapons and technology.

According to CIA Director Leon E. Panetta, the Counterproliferation Center (CPC) will comprise operational and analytic specialists, while incorporating the current Counterproliferation Division of the National Clandestine Service (NCS) and elements of the Weapons Intelligence, Nonproliferation & Arms Control Center (WINPAC).

“As our nation continues to confront the threat of weapons of mass destruction — nuclear, chemical, and biological…We must constantly strive for new ways to work across directorates, combining a diversity of expertise with a range of powerful capabilities to keep our nation safe,” explained Panetta.

“Our greatest achievements as an agency are the product of close collaboration among operations officers, analysts, targeters, technical specialists and support officers.”

Panetta confirmed that the newly formed Counterproliferation Center will be led by an undercover NCS officer, with deputies for operations and analysis. 

“[But] more important than the movement of people or desks, though, are the results we seek: the strongest, most effective counterproliferation operations and analysis in our Agency’s history.”