Chrome reigns supreme as Safari and IE Pwn2Owned

Google’s Chrome browser reigned supreme on Thursday as hackers at the Pwn2Owned conference successfully exploited Apple’s Safari and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. 

Vupen – a French security company – managed to crack Safari 5 running on a MacBook Air notebook in just five seconds.

Meanwhile, independent researcher Stephen Fewer exploited at least three vulnerabilities to hack through IE8’s digital defenses on Windows 7.

However, the teams scheduled to take on Google’s $20,000 Chrome challenge failed to show up.

“The first contestant (Moatz Khader) was a no-show,” Aaron Portnoy, manager of HP TippingPoint’s security research team, told ComputerWorld. 

“And the other team (Anon) wanted to work on their BlackBerry vulnerability. So it doesn’t look like anyone will try Chrome.”

Pwn2Own continues today and Friday, as hackers attempt to crack Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 and RIM’s BlackBerry OS.