China cleans up its act on spam

The US is still the world’s worst spam offender, with 13.1 percent of the lovely stuff being relayed through the country.

According to security firm Sophos, India is the second worst, accounting for 7.3 percent, followed by Brazil at 6.8 percent.

Most notably, China has dropped out of the top ten, and now relays less than two percent of spam.

“China gets a lot of flak from various corners of the globe for being a hotbed of cybercrime, and so it’s only fair to report when there’s some good news coming from behind the bamboo curtain,” says the company’s Graham Clueley.

Clueley has strong words for anybody who’s ever been tempted to impulse-buy any little blue pills.

“Countries such as the USA would do well to remember that cleaning-up infected PCs in their own back yard will be an important step in fighting cybercrime. Furthermore, we all shouldn’t forget that if no-one bought products sold via spam there would be a lot less incentive to send junk email,” he says.

“Computer users should not just protect their computers from threats like malware and spam, they should also pledge to never ever buy anything advertised via spam.”