CEO of ID protection firm has his own ID plundered

It must have seemed a great idea at the time: to advertise the effectiveness of your identity protection product by publicising your name and social security number.

But surprise, surprise. When Todd Davis, CEO of LifeLock did just that his identity was stolen 13 times.

LifeLock charges customers up to $15 per month to keep their identity firmly locked up – and there’s a $1 million guarantee if it fails.

But according to Phoenix New Times,

it can’t even deliver the service to its own CEO.

Since June 2007, says the paper, there have been more than a dozen successful attempts to use Todd’s ID. They include a $500 loan being taken out in his name, AT&T and Verizon cellphone contracts, an energy bill and a Gap credit card.

It’s not the only blow that LifeLock has suffered lately. The company was recently ordered to pay $12 million for deceptive advertising.

Todd defended his company’s services to Computerworld.

“We have always said that no one can completely stop identity theft, including LifeLock,” he said. “Just because we say protect, we aren’t saying prevent.”