Can terrorist attacks be predicted before they happen?

The Israeli Ministry of Defense has developed an advanced security system capable of automatically flagging suspicious individuals and activity within a designated area.

The platform – manufactured by Ness Technologies and dubbed “Sixth Sense” – creates a three dimensional scan of a specific sector using two video cameras.

A sophisticated algorithm subsequently maps, interprets and analyzes relevant data.

The system then identifies potentially suspicious items and actions, which can be preemptively investigated.

“Just like in the movies, the problem is that most places are equipped with

security cameras but it is very hard to actually see what’s going on and identify dangerous activity,” Ness spokesperson Deborah Avi Sira told the IDF’s Bamahane magazine.

“Today, in every act of terrorism, there is [a certain measure] of clandestine preparation that can be detected. [With Sixth Sense], it will be possible to alert security forces within seconds and prevent a disaster.”

Indeed, Sixth Sense was designed to “learn” the daily routine of a given area.

As such, anything that seems out of place, such as an individual standing in the same location for an extended period of time, unattended objects or vehicles driving the wrong way, are immediately highlighted for the benefit of security personnel.