Border security nails terrorist Macbook

Israeli border security takes no chances when it comes to protecting citizens from sinisterly smug technology.

According to Engadget, the border police were so spooked by the smooth lines and the shifty smugness of a shiny Macbook that they riddled it full of bullets.

As you might expect, the machine belonged to an American tourist who apparently had not heard of any terror threats and thought that the West Bank was a place you deposited cash. 

She had just arrived from Egypt, which has, since ancient times, tried to smite Israel a bit and so was considered a bit of a threat.

She showed up at border security and they told her to put down the mac and her bag while they asked her a few questions. 

Unfortunately leaving a bag unattended at an Israeli airport is not the best of ideas, particularly if you have just flown in from Egypt. Another guard saw the evil Macbook and shot it three times before it stopped moving.

Fortunately the hard-drive was saved because the bullets bounced off a fragment of Steve Jobs’ ego which is automatically installed in every machine. Thus the woman’s Coldplay collection is safe and installed in another machine.