Bank robbers stuff up placement of fake ATM

A bunch of would be bank robbers had an epic fail when they came to install a fake ATM machine in Las Vegas.

The bungling thieves thought that sticking the machine outside big conference hall over the weekend would net them huge amounts of cash from out of towners who didn’t know the ways of Vegas machines. 

There was also a big conference on that weekend so the credit card information should have just rolled in.

Unfortunately for the thieves cunning plan they stuck their fake ATM outside the biggest conference of hackers in the world.

According to Forbes,a Defcon attendee spotted a fake ATM nestled in a security blind spot at the hotel.  It was easy to see that the machine had an unbranded shell with a PC located inside. It’s believed that the setup was designed to skim ATM cards.

The man said that the machine’s LED light was the wrong color and the Plexiglas was a little too dark.

The machine has since been removed and sent to police authorities.  No one has been arrested yet and it is not clear how long the machine had been there.