Bank forces suspension of Gmail user’s account

A Gmail user had his email service suspended because a bank sent him other people’s account details by mistake.

The Rocky Mountain Bank of Wyoming sent confidential account information belonging to 1,325 of its customers to the Gmail address in August.

when it realised what had happened, it wrote and asked the account owner to delete the email and attachment, but when it received no reply it asked Google to provide more information about the customer. When Google refused, the bank filed a lawsuit to try and compel it.

The court imposed a temporary restraining order (TRO) which suspended the user’s account. It also prohibited Google and the account holderfrom distributing the bank’s information, made it delete the inadvertently sent email and attached data file and forced Google to disclose information about the account holder.

Yesterday, both the bank and Google filed a motion to dimiss the order and Google was able to reactivate the account.