Apple hiring "product security managers"

Just days after one of its employees lost an iPhone prototype, Apple is now looking for people to help prevent similar situations in the future.

Apple is legendary for its tight secrecy and ability to keep almost anything from being leaked. Unfortunately, it’s also known for having a very young and energetic workforce – the kind that is likely to go out to bars after work.

And even Apple employees face the same stories as anyone else who goes to a bar. We’ve all been there; we get home, or wake up the next morning, only to realize something’s missing.

So clearly, although it is human nature to make mistakes, Apple’s super strong security presence needs a bit of a refresh.

Thus, it doesn’t seem like such a coincidence that Apple is now looking for two new “product security managers.” The job listings went up shortly after the new iPhone prototype was lost in a bar.

The position requires “overseeing the protection of, and managing risks to, Apple’s unreleased products and related intellectual property.” It’s based in Apple’s corporate headquarters in Cupertino, California.

The listing notes it is looking for candidates who have a strong background in risk management, and a record of “accurately assessing physical and logical security implementations.”

As for the new iPhone, unlike the lost iPhone 4 prototype last year, no one has managed to uncover it and post revealing pictures and details about it.