AntiSec strikes again

Hackers associated with the growing AntiSec movement have targeted Arizona law enforcement officials for the third time in just one week.

Released under the banner of “Chinga La Migra Bulletin #1,” the first digital raid – executed by the now defunct Lulz Security – yielded a virtual treasure trove of data, such as hundreds of private intelligence bulletins, training manuals, personal email correspondence, names, phone numbers, addresses and passwords.

The second cyber operation – conducted by AntiSec – was far more personal and embarrassing, with a wide range of digital “booty” collected, including: names, addresses, phone, numbers, passwords, social security numbers, online dating account info, voicemails, chat logs, and “seductive girlfriend pictures” belonging to a dozen Arizona police officers.

For the third strike, AntiSec hackers said they decided to get “destructive” by defacing eight Arizona Fraternal Order of Police websites as well as releasing a master list of over 1200 usernames, passwords and email addresses. 

“We are [also] leaking hundreds of private FOP documents and several more mail spools belonging to FOP presidents, vice presidents, secretaries, a police chief, and the FOP Labor Council executive directory and webmaster whose insecure web development skills was responsible for this whole mess,” the group in explained in an official communiqué.

“We’re doing this not only because we are opposed to SB1070 and the racist Arizona police state, but because we want a world free from police, prisons and politicians altogether.”

According to AntiSec, the latest batch of emails includes more racist chain letters, including Springerville’s police chief Mike Nuttal forwarding jokes about torturing “ragheads.” 

“FOP president Brandon L Musgrave was also forwarding anti-Muslim emails while purchasing large amounts of guns, so we’re dumping his PayPal and credit card info. Let this third and crushing blow against Arizona police send a strong message to the ruling class around the world. You will no longer be able to operate your campaign of terror against immigrants and working people in secrecy: we will find you, expose you, and knock you off the Internet,” the hacker group pledged.

“Many lulz have been had while we purposefully strung you along slowly and painfully for the past two weeks. We know exactly what we’re doing, so think twice before considering crossing us. Hackers of the world, join us as we resist against the governments and corporations of the world, for there is enough bounty for everybody aboard the good ship #antisec…”