AntiSec leaks 1GB of defense data

Anonymous hackers associated with the AntiSec movement have leaked 1GB of private emails and documents belonging to Vanguard Defense Industries (VDI).

VDI – a Texas-based defense contractor – sells arms to law enforcement, military and private corporations.

The corporation is perhaps best known for its unmanned ShadowHawk helicopter which boasts CCD TV/FLIR optics and can be outfitted with a 37 mm/40mm grenade launcher, 12g shotgun and thermal cameras.

The above-mentioned emails belong to the Richard T. Garcia, the senior VP of VDI who previously worked as Assistant Director to the Los Angeles FBI office, as well as the Global Security Manager for Shell Oil Corporation. 

Garcia is also an executive board member of InfraGard, which AntiSec describes as a “sinister alliance” of law enforcement, military and private security contractors.

“This leak contains internal meeting notes and contracts, schematics, non-disclosure agreements, personal information about other VDI employees, and several dozen ‘counter-terrorism’ documents classified as ‘law enforcement sensitive’ and ‘for official use only,’ AntiSec wrote in an official communiqué.

“The emails contain contracts, schematics, non-disclosure agreements, and more. Additionally we found evidence of a Merrill Lynch wealth management advisor giving private advance notice to Garcia about upcoming S&P US credit rating downgrades.”

According to AntiSec, the data was leaked to cause embarrassment and disruption to Vanguard Defense Industries, as well as to send a strong message to the hacker community

“White hat sellouts, law enforcement collaborators, and military contractors beware: we’re coming for your mail spools, bash history files, and confidential documents… [We] can’t stop [and] won’t stop.”