Anonymous teases Apple hack

Anonymous hackers associated with the AntiSec movement taunted Apple over the weekend by posting a list of 27 usernames and passwords.

The pwned data apparently originated from a number of surveys hosted on an Apple business website.

“Not being so serious, but well #Apple could be target too,” the group tweeted.

“But don’t worry, we are busy elsewhere.”

Although it is too early to know for certain, the mini “hack” could indicate a subtle shift in strategy for AntiSec.

Indeed, previous strikes executed by the group were aimed well below the belt at corporations and government entities that had run afoul with the hackers on an ideological level – such as Sony’s treatment of George Hotz or the racist attitudes of various Arizona law enforcement officials. 

The above-mentioned security breach, while relatively minor, may just be little more than a friendly message to Apple that its security could use some improvement.

To be sure, if AntiSec was really intent on humiliating Steve Jobs and Cupertino, it could have compromised the iTunes user database or other critical customer info located on