Anonymous splinter cell takes aim at Sony employees

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous have downed several Sony websites and knocked the Playstation Network offline.

Meanwhile, an Anonymous splinter group known as “SonyRecon” has confirmed it will be targeting individual Sony employees in retaliation for the corporation’s treatment of GeoHot and Graf_Chokolo.

“OK, I made a chan #sonyrecon for people to gather and contribute dox, and work towards a common goal of finding and information and detailing useful targets,” IRC user randomtask explained  in a log cited by PlayStationLifestyle.

“[Yes], some one got the phone number of the head of Sony… [The company], the judge and Sony’s lawyers are all valid targets.”

According to PlayStationLifestyle, the family history of Robert S. Wiesenthal, Group Executive, Sony Corporation, leading Corporate Development and Mergers and Acquisitions at Sony, is currently “being released” onto the Internet.

“His marital status, age, place of address, education and even whether he has children has been discovered,” the publication claimed.

“Other main targets include Nicole Seligman and Sony boss Howard Stringer, but multiple Sony employee emails are noted as future targets.”

As TG Daily previously reported, Anonymous kicked off its latest high-profile campaign in response to Sony’s “unforgivable offense against free speech” and Internet freedom.

“You have abused the judicial system in an attempt to censor information about how your products work. You have victimized your own customers merely for possessing and sharing information, and continue to target those who seek this information. In doing so you have violated the privacy of thousands of innocent people who only sought the free distribution of information,” the  group explained in a recently issued communiqué.

“Your corrupt business practices are indicative of a corporate philosophy that would deny consumers the right to use products they have paid for, and rightfully own, in the manner of their choosing. Perhaps you should alert your customers to the fact that they are apparently only renting your products?

“In light of this assault on both rights and free expression, Anonymous, the notoriously handsome rulers of the Internet, would like to inform you that you have only been ‘renting’ your web domains. Having trodden upon Anonymous’ rights, you must now be trodden on. [Remember], information is free.”