Anonymous says Italian cells remain intact

Anonymous says Italian cells associated with the collective remain intact – even after local law enforcement officials arrested a number of cyber activists linked to the group.

“The media has spread the news that the entire Italian network of Anonymous has been dismantled and the ‘leaders’ of Italian Anonymous was arrested. [We] deny these reports and reiterate this is impossible: Anonymous is not been dismantled,” the group explained in an official communiqué.

“[Remember, we] have no leaders, no structure. All Anonymous members operate at the same level. Those arrested are not ‘dangerous hackers’ as the media calls them, but people like you. They have been arrested while peacefully protesting for there and your rights. Our protest will continue louder than ever.”

According to the hacking collective, the Italian Anonymous has most certainly “not fallen” – despite “cowardly” attempts to dismantle and disrupt numerous cells within the country.

“[We] announce consequences for there actions taken by the police, to demonstrate that Anonymous is present and fights on, like it did in the past and will in the future, for the freedom of the Internet.

“[As such], Italy Anonymous calls all citizens of the Internet and the international Anonymous: We need you! Let them have it, stronger than ever,” the group added.