Anonymous releases ‘Twitter-jacking’ tool

The Anonymous hacking collective has released a tool allowing people to hijack topics trending on Twitter and send tweets on any topic within them.

Anonymous says it developed the Universal Rapid Gamma Emitter (URGE) software because Twitter has a tendency to trnd hashtags relating to popular culture, rather than to activism.

“We have taken note of why Twitter would not do so, they only trend topics which would ‘appeal’ to people and can get people to tweet more,” explains the group

“This was pathetic in our eyes, and we could not stand by and take it anymore.”

Users will see a ‘top trends’ box, which includes the current pmost popular WorldWide Trends on Twitter. After picking one, they can insert and edit tweets. ‘Enjoy TwitterRaiding,’ says Anonymous.

The group suggests that the tool be used ‘for awareness and bashing corrupt politicians’. It denies that the software is either a hacking tool or an exploit tool: “It was created to make it easier for us to tweet faster without copying and pasting constantly,” says Anonymous, perhaps list a little disingenuously.

The group says on its URGE Twitter feed that people are already using it to post criticisms of BART.

The beta program requires .net framework four. Anonymous says it plans to release the source code later thsi week, and that it welcomes suggestions for improvements.