Anonymous launches Operation Yemen

Cyber activists affiliated with Anonymous have launched a digital campaign against websites operated by the government of Yemen.

The latest round of DDoS attacks was initiated just days after the group participated in an online campaign against the Egyptian government to show solidarity with protestors across the strife-ridden country. 

Similar demonstrations against rising unemployment and unrestrained corruption have also been held in Yemen over the past week.

“Anonymous members feel that somehow they have to support the people in those countries,” PandaLabs technical director told AFP.

“It is a worldwide thing. They think the goal is obtaining freedom for those countries.”

It should be noted that Anonymous was also active in supporting the Tunisian popular uprising in January by downing the government’s official website and the national stock exchange. 

And as TG Daily previously reported, Anonymous activists played a major role in saluting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange by knocking various financial transaction sites offline, including those run by MasterCard.

The FBI has emphasized that “facilitating or conducting” a DDoS attack is illegal and punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

However, Anonymous continues to defend its method of digital warfare, noting the cyber campaigns are simply a new way of voicing civil protest.

“Just as is the case with traditional forms of protest, we block access to our opponents infrastructure to get our message across. Whether or not this infrastructure is located in the real world or in cyberspace, seems completely irrelevant to us.”