Anonymous hits firm helping FBI investigation

The Anonymous group of cyber-attackers yesterday hit the website of a small Washington security firm, in revenge for an attempt by the company to give Anonymous’ supporters’ details to the FBI.

Last night, the group brought down HBGary Federal’s website, which now shows an ‘under construction’ placeholder page. It then hacked into the Twitter account of CEO Aaron Barr, to post:

“Sup motherf*****s, I’m CEO of a shitty company and I’m a giant media-whoring c**t. LOL check out my nigga Greg’s site:”  The tweets have been coming thick and fast ever since.

Anonymous claims to have gained control of the company’s email, posting 60,000 email messages on file sharing networks. It has also erased files and taken down the company’s phone system. They say they’ve even wiped Barr’s iPad.

“Today we taught everyone a lesson. When we actually decide to bite back against those who try to bring us down, we bite back hard,” says one member of the group.

The attack comes in revenge for a claim by Barr that he’d successfully infiltrated Anonymous.

Over the weekend, Barr told the Financial Times that he’d discovered

the names of several ‘senior’ members by infiltrating IRC chat sessions and Facebook groups. He said he’d identified members in Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Australia, adding that he planned to make the names public later this month.

Anonymous claims that Barr was planning to give the names to the FBI, which has been helping investigate the group’s recent attacks on financial companies. And, while it claims that much of Barr’s information is plain wrong, it’s issued a spoof press release admitting defeat.

“Mr Barr has successfully broken through our over-9,000 proxy field and into our entirely non-public and secret insurgent IRC lair, where he then smashed through our fire labyringth with vigor, collected all the gold rings on the way, opened a 50 silver key chest to find Anon’s legendary hackers on steroids password,” it reads.

“At this point, it is safe to assume that the underground server sites at the North Pole have been compromised as well. Back up all porn drives now, because the super secret P2Pcentralized distribution server of Backdoor Sluts 9 is presumed to be immediately threatened.”