Anonymous evolves with Analytics

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous recently launched a website dedicated to providing the public with investigative reports exposing corrupt companies.

According to the Analytics website, the newly formed team includes analysts, forensic accountants, statisticians, computer experts and lawyers from various backgrounds.

Interestingly enough, Anonymous says all information presented in official Analytics reports is acquired via legal channels, fact-checked and thoroughly vetted before release.

The timely Analytics initiative clearly illustrates the rapid evolution of Anonymous.

Obviously, the hacktivist collective has come a long way since the days of hastily conceived and frenetically executed LOIC campaigns.

Indeed, supporters of the group are at the forefront of OccupyWallStreet protests – both in the physical world and digital realm – and continue to campaign against various incidents of injustice on a global scale.  

With Analytics, a faction of Anonymous is attempting to shift the issue of transparency from the political to corporate level. 

The site has already published its first official report, which details the alleged corruption of Chaoda Modern Agriculture – a Chinese vegetable and fruit supplier.

“Corporate fraud has become problematic in both the Mainland and Hong Kong. Both governments have wisely renewed calls for tougher action in the face of this growing epidemic. The fact that the HK Exchange and the SFC have allowed this obvious fraud to operate under their watch will not go unnoticed,” claimed the report.

“To maintain market confidence, we expect in the coming weeks and months for the SFC to conduct their own investigation into Chaoda’s operations and business activities. In addition to what has been presented here, we have reason to believe Chaoda will not be able to survive scrutiny. Accordingly, we expect this Company to eventually be delisted.”

The full Analytics report on Chaoda can be downloaded here, and the Analytics website viewed here.