Anonymous claims security firms plotted against Wikileaks

Hacking group Anonymous has released tens of thousands more private emails from security company HBGary, which it claims has been plotting with government agencies to attack Wikileaks.

The group last week hit HBGary’s website, along with the Twitter account of CEO Aaron Barr, and released thousands of emails.

“It was our belief that you’d been taught a valuable lesson since our last message to you, but it appears that this is not the case,” reads a statement from the group.

“After we humiliated you thoroughly by making your private documents public, defacing your website, taking over various online accounts of your executives, socially engineering your ‘trusted’ server admins, unveiling embarrassing personal mishaps of Aaron Barr and essentially ruining any future plans your company might have, we had assumed that you’d at least, for once, use your combined brain cells to realize what you should and shouldn’t do.”

The author, apparently confusing himself with the God of the Old Testament, promises HBGary ‘there will be no mercy’.

Anonymous alleges that HBGary, along with other security firms including Palantir Technologies, has been planning an attack on Anonymous, as well as on Wikileaks, intending to publish false documents on the whistle-blowing site – and then ‘expose’ them.

Anonymous says the emails reveal that HBGary ond other companies have been working on a new Windows rootkit that would be undetectable and almost impossible to remove. One internal email refers to ‘Magenta’,

‘a new breed of windows based rootkit, which HBGary refers to as a multi-context rootkit.’

“Your leaked communications reveal that your companies were entangled in highly dubious and most likely illegal activities, including a smear campaign against WikiLeaks, its supportive journalists, and adversaries of the US Chamber of Commerce and Bank of America,” says Anonymous.

“Evidence even suggests that this was done with full knowledge of the US Department of Justice.”

It’s particularly peeved that HBGary claimed after its last attack that much of the released data was falsified. “Anonymous has falsified nothing; we leaked your inboxes in full with no edits,” says the group. “In fact, most of your emails contain S/MIME digital signatures, proving that they’re real.”