Adobe, 32 others suffered Chinese hack attack

Google data is not the only data to be compromised by attacks by Chinese hackers, according to a report by iDefense.

Adobe said yesterday that it had been the target of a coordinated attack against net systems managed by Adobe “and other companies”.

It’s not yet clear which the other companies are, but it’s suspected to be a mix of corporations, defense contractors and financial firms.

Adobe, in a blog entry posted yesterday, said it first became aware of a security incident on January 2 this year.

The statement said: “We are currently in contact with other companies and are investigating the incident.”

Adobe doesn’t believe any of its sensitive information was compromised.

“We anticipate the full investigation will take some time to complete. We have and will continue to use information gained from this attack of make infrastructure improvements to enhance security for Adobe, our customers and our partners,” it said.

Yesterday, as we reported, Google said it might halt its operations in China. It believes China is attempting to further limit free speech on the web. “We have decided we are no longer willing to continue censoring our results on,” the company said. It is opening discussions with the Chinese government.