China like Internet filters; so does British PM

British Prime Minster David Cameron has found support for his internet crackdown from the People’s Republic of China.

Cameron has been attempting to get some support for his “filter the internet to save society as we know it” campaign and it seems that he has received backing from the Chinese.

According to IT World, China is moving to tighten its grip over social networking services even more, claiming the government is being destabilised. China has a large amount of online censorship and there had been hopes that the new leadership in the country might lessen it.

However the government instead just thinks that it is not efficient enough. A report said that there are too many different overseeing departments, resulting in inconsistencies and a lack of efficiency.

The government referred to the growing popularity of Chinese social networking and instant messaging tools as a major worry because the services can spread information and mobilize society quickly.

Named and shamed by the Chinese was Weixin, a mobile chatting app developed by local Internet giant Tencent. The app has taken China by storm, and boasts over 200 million monthly average users. Outside of the country, the app is better known as WeChat.

Like Cameron, China’s plans include changing regulatory systems, and increase the scope of their legal authority.

While David Cameron talks about filters preventing witches from talking about their religion online, the Chinese authorities have been cracking down on internet users for fabricating rumours. 

Source: TechEye