WikiLeaks returns after sustained DDoS attack

The whistle-blowing WikiLeaks website is back online after coming under heavy and sustained DDoS attack for over a week.

“We are now witnessing cyber wars, with most Wikileaks sites under sustained DDoS attack over several days,” Anonymous supporters wrote on one of the collective’s websites.

“On one side are Wikileaks itself and it’s hactivist (sic) supporters, such as Anonymous. On the other side are US Govt supporters.”

According to WikiLeaks reps, the site’s servers were barraged with over 10 gigabits of junk traffic per second – until security experts at CloudFlare stepped in and helped provide “substantial extra capacity.”

“Is that all your’ve got? Keep attacking, our skin just gets harder. DDoS proof, financially & geographically diverse. We’re ready to rumble,” site reps tweeted Monday evening.

“[Yes], WikiLeaks is back [and] open for donations after fighting off week long 10Gb+ DDoS attack. Donate with your credit card to @Wikileaks while you still can.”

A group known as “Anti Leaks” has claimed responsibility for the sustained digital barrage against WikiLeaks.

“We have proven to two separate media organizations that we are behind these attacks by giving them advanced notice of our next target. We find the speculation that we are not behind these attacks and/or that we are CIA/NSA/FBI or even WikiLeaks themselves to be downright comical,” group members tweeted on Monday.

“We gave @wlpress a 5 minute advanced notice of our next attack to take down [their] backup mirror on August 10th. We also gave a 30 minute advanced notice of our attack on the President of Ecuador’s website to the german tech publication Gulli. The logs of both servers will show an attack precisely when we said it would occur. These are irrefutable facts.”