Video: Fire Shadow missile cruises for six hours before ruining your day

When the military fires a missile, you can almost be certain that the projectile has a target and is well on the way to blowing something up ASAP.

Sure, this may be the case with most of the missiles in the Pentagon’s arsenal, but a new projectile dubbed the Fire Shadow doesn’t have to blow anything up right away. In fact, military commanders can launch the missile and let it loiter for six hours before striking a target.

The Fire Shadow is manufactured by a French company called MBDA, and it’s designed to strike a stationary or moving target. The missile is also capable of destroying a large vehicle and passenger from a nearly vertical angle of attack.

The missile weighs a bit less than 440 pounds and has a range of 62 miles. The manufacturer describes the missile as “low-cost,” a term which is obviously relative.

The first Fire Shadow was delivered to the British Army back in March, with the projectile slated to be tested in Sweden later this year.