Anonymous reshuffles its collective deck

Anonymous suffered a severe blow this year when its top ranks were infiltrated by law enforcement officials.

However, the collective has apparently reorganized itself, which is illustrated by the emergence of at least one new cell known as Malicious Security (MalSec). 

According to The New Scientist, Malicious Security – which seeks to return to collective’s decentralized roots – will “go for the win” without causing collateral damage.

“I don’t think Anonymous will go down that cult of personality route again,” one veteran Anon told the publication.

“The collective is returning to its original concept of loosely associated individuals that temporarily unite for a common cause and disband the moment the mission is complete, making them difficult to pin down and even tougher to identify. We’ve learned an important lesson.”

Discordian, another member of MalSec, expressed similar sentiments.

“The previous hacker groups were very hypocritical, censoring people in an effort to stop censorship… We fight for the people, not against them.”

It should be noted that MalSec has already claimed credit for a number of hack and extract attacks against diverse targets, including two banks, a New Jersey police department, the European Commission’s Eurofound body and Chinese government sites.