Facebook censorship rulebook leaked

A disgruntled agency worker has revealed Facebook’s rules for blocking offensive content – and while ‘crushed heads’ are fine, female nipples aren’t.

Moroccan-born  worker Amine Derkaoui was employed by oDesk to filter out offensive comment from Facebook, but released the policy to gossip site Gawker when he’d finally had enough of being paid $1 per hour.

It makes entertaining reading. On the banned list are ‘naked private parts including female nipple bulges and naked butt cracks; male nipples are OK’.

Also out are ‘blatant (obvious depiction of camel toes and moose knuckles’ and ‘images of drunk and unconscious peiple, or speeping people with things drawn on their faces’.

School fight videos are okay, though, as long as the video hasn’t been posted to continue tormenting the person targeted in the video’. Deep flesh wounds are fine, as are ‘excessive blood’, and even crushed heads – ‘as long as no insides are showing’.

Earwax is out; snot is fine.

California-based oDesk is an agency offering remote freelance workers, and provides content moderation services to Google, Wikipedia and AOL as well as Facebook.

Derkaoui told Gawker that around 50 people from developing countries worked from home on the Facebook account, for just $1 per hour plus commission.