Claim: Tractor beam downed US drone over Iran

As you may recall, Iran managed to capture a US RQ-170 stealth drone (aka the Beast of Kandahar) back in December of 2011.

Engineers originally said they downed the drone by exploiting a GPS hack that forced the aircraft to land in Iran rather than on a US base in Afghanistan. 

But now there is another explanation of of how the drone was downed. Hint – get your tin foil hats ready.

According to an engineer named Mehran Tavakoli Kese, the drone was brought down using “advanced space technology,” which he naturally claims to have created.

Keshe insists the RQ-170 was snagged using a futuristic tractor beam deployed by a classified Iranian drone. 

“The craft has been air-picked-up and been put down on its belly through the use of field forces,”  Keshe wrote on the forums of the Eponymous Foundation website in a post cited by Danger Room

“The Iran spaceship program has the capability of jamming and blocking any incoming radar… As we have explained month ago on this forum, and now we see the practical use of the technology.”

Keshe went on to claim that the Iranian drone uses “a fusion reaction that manipulates dark matter, regular matter, and antimatter.”

The engineer said he hoped the futuristic tech would help usher in a new era of international peace and intergalactic exploration.

“We invite the US government and other nations to enter into negotiation with the Foundation and The Iranian government for disclosure of the full space technology to all nations simultaneously. 

“[This way, there] shall be no more war race, but a space race to join and conquer the space and not each others little peace of lands so called nations, this offer stands and is extended to all nations irrespective of their color, race and religion.”

In response, Pentagon spokesman George Little told Danger Room, “We have no comment on this individual’s claims, but tell him the [Defense] Secretary would like his lightsaber back.”