Anonymous launches OpAccountable

Cyber activists associated with the Anonymous collective have penned an open letter to US legislators protesting the “systematic destruction” of constitutional rights, “one law at a time.”

“We have watched as you violate the very laws that guarantee your power. We have witnessed your fall from Representatives of the People to  Representatives of Greed and Corruption. No longer shall we stand by and watch you enslave our fellow citizens,” the group wrote in a communiqué.

“You have continued down this path of treason by creating acts such as the National Defense Authorization Act, Stop Online Piracy Act, Protect IP Act, and more. You’ve tried to conceal the true purpose of these bills, and pass them without the consent of the American people.”

The group pledged to undo the “sordid” actions of politicians, and vowed  to prevent legislators from further treading on American democracy.

“The world will know of your violations against the rights of the citizens you were elected to represent. The eyes of the people are open. We see your hunger for power, money and war. You label those with voices that speak against you as  terrorists, and vilify true freedom in the process.


“This is a warning for anyone who thinks they can make a profit off the people without repercussions. We will not stand silently and allow you to enslave our country. We will not comply.”

Anonymous added that it would ensure the public is kept informed every time legislators or law enforcement officials violated the Bill of Rights. 

Although the group did not specify what actions would be taken, the collective is likely to continue its strategy of doxing targeted individuals and leaking classified or sensitive information about specific operations and policies. 

Previous Anonymous and AntiSec operations based on the above-mentioned paradigm include the pwning of Aaron Barr at HBGary Federal, Chinga La Migra: Arizona State Police a hack and extract op against Texas law enforcement officials, doxing the LAPD in retaliation for OWS evictions, revealing MetalGear details and doxing Lt. John Pike for pepper spraying protesting UC students.