Someone’s already rooted the Kindle Fire

Well that certainly didn’t take long.

It’s been just one day since Amazon’s flagship Android tablet began shipping to consumers, and less than a week since the first review units were sent out.

Yet the device has already been taken apart and rooted, thanks to the website iFixit and  Android fanbois, respectively.

The site managed to strip apart the tablet but didn’t really find any surprises. There are memory components by Samsung and Hynix and several other components from Texas Instruments.

In addition, the inner workings of the Kindle Fire include metal plates to add extra strength and support.

The process of ‘rooting’ has become especially popular in the Android community. Even casual users have tinkered with their device as the process becomes more and more user friendly.

For the Kindle Fire, it means users can download custom software and tinker with the look and feel of the interface, in essence messing with the tablet in ways that were not intended.

All it takes is the latest version of SuperOneClick and users can do all the customization of the Kindle Fire software that they want.

We have no doubt, though, that Amazon won’t be sweating over this revelation. The retailer is poised to make a huge splash in the holiday shopping season and in the entire Android tablet market.

Full instructions for rooting your Kindle Fire can be found here