Barrett Brown cashes out on Anonymous

Barrett Brown, who often presents himself as the so-called “face” of Anonymous, has reportedly clinched a six-figure book deal with none other than Amazon.

Brown, along with fellow Anonymous associate Gregg Housh, apparently spent the last few months looking for a publisher willing to snap up a book about their experience with the enigmatic collective.

According to Gawker, the book is titled “Anonymous: Tales From Inside The Accidental Cyberwar.”

Yes, choosing Amazon as a publishing partner is certainly a somewhat surreal decision for Team Barrett, as the Seattle-based corporation was roundly criticized for kicking WikiLeaks off its servers in December after succumbing to pressure from none other than Sen. Joe Lieberman.

But, says Brown, he’s absolutely willing to let bygones be bygones – for the right price, of course.

“This [deal actually] made it better,” Brown claimed in a statement to Gawker. 

“The fact that Amazon is now providing money to me and Housh, [well], they’re going to help us get our message out.”

Six-figures is a lot of cash for a book deal, and Brown is already worrying about what will happen to the money if he is assassinated in the line of duty by a vengeful Zeta or a rampaging agent.

As such, Brown wants the book advance and revenue distributed amongst ten poor villages in East Africa if he should meet an untimely end.

Yes, like Gawker’s Adrian Chen notes, Brown’s upcoming depiction of Anonymous may be utter bullshit, but at least it’ll entertain the masses.