Anonymous refines Los Zetas campaign

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous have refined a controversial plan to unmask collaborators of the Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas.

Anonymous Iberoamerica says it plans to create a “special task force” by invitation only, in an effort to protect activists participating in the #OpsCartel anti-cartel operation.

The group is also advising members to remain anonymous by relaying Los Zetas related messages via a proxy server or Tor. 

To facilitate the operation, Anonymous has coded an app that allows supporters to send “completely anonymous denunciations” regarding cartel crimes or corrupt authorities. 

“We have decided to put in place our own system of 100% anonymous denunciations. By means of this widget, you can send completely anonymous denunciations regarding delinquency facts or news of corrupt authorities in your community, which we will investigate,” the group explained in a communiqué.

“THIS IS NOT A GAME. Your life and the lives of others can be in danger. Be very careful, and avoid jeopardizing third parties.”

The move to shield members comes in the wake of disturbing reports about the Zetas hiring narcohackers to track down and physically retaliate against Anonymous and other hacktivists.

As Lisa Vaas notes in a Sophos Security post, retaliation by the brutal cartel has already killed a number of individuals involved in publishing anti-Zetas messages on the ‘Net.

Indeed, a man and a woman were recently killed and hung from a bridge in Nuevo Laredo with signs warning against posting anti-cartel blogs, while another female blogger was found beheaded in the same city.