Anonymous pledges to take down Fox News

Cyber activists purportedly associated with Anonymous are pledging to take down the Fox News website on Nov. 5th in retaliation for the network’s allegedly biased coverage of the growing OccupyWallStreet movement.

“Fox News, it has come to our attention that you have been alienating the American people by propagating the left-right false-dichotomy, promoting fear by exaggerating the threat of terrorist attacks, supporting the corporate astro-turfed Tea party and trying to pass it off as a grass roots movement,” the group stated in at least one video circulating on YouTube.

“[You also] use derogatory language to describe the popular, real grass-roots Occupy movement, and covering up corporate corruption by forcing your employees to lie on the air… Since [Fox] will not stop ridiculing the occupiers, we will simply shut [you] down. Fox News, your time has come. Operation Fox Hunt. November 5th. May the hunt begin.”

It should be noted that Anonymous has been at the forefront of promoting the growing OccupyWallStreet movement which started in NYC but quickly spread to cities all over the world. 

The hacktivist collective also conducted several retaliatory digital raids against law enforcement officials for cracking down against OWS protestors.

Indeed, a boston Police Department website was recently hacked, with at least 2,000 names and passwords posted on the ‘Net. 

In September, the personal details of a NYPD deputy inspector were posted online after he was filmed kettling and pepper spraying a group of non-violent female protestors.