BART police plan Anonymous crackdown

The police force tasked with securing BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) appears to be running out of patience with Anonymous protestors.

Angered over a recent police shooting and cell phone shutdown (to thwart protests), hacktivists associated with the collective have staged demonstrations over the past few weeks, prompting station closures and train delays.

But now BART police say they will “move in quicker on activists” who have scheduled yet another demonstration for 5PM on Monday at San Francisco’s Civic Center Station.

Meanwhile, a number of BART riders are apparently growing tired of the weekly protests which inevitably cause delays – and have created a Facebook page titled: “Commuters Take Back BART.”

The BART commuter group is also planning a counter-protest against Anonymous. 

Unsurprisingly, the digital collective – which recently stepped up its presence in the physical realm – remains unfazed by the expected police crackdown and commuter angst.

The group reiterated their intention to protest every week until its demands are met, which include confiscation of guns from BART officers, firing the police chief and dismissing the agency’s spokesperson.