16 charged as Anonymous crackdown continues

The federal crackdown against Anonymous continues as U.S. prosecutors charge 14 people with conspiracy and intentional damage over their alleged participation in a DDoS attack against Paypal from December 6-10, 2010.

An additional two individuals from New Mexico and Florida netted in yesterday’s raids also stand accused of improper access to computer files. 

Indeed, the New Mexico man (linked to LulzSec) allegedly stole confidential business information stored on AT&T servers and posted it on a public file-sharing site on June 25, while the Florida man apparently accessed the Tampa Bay InfraGard website and uploaded three files.

The arrests related to the Paypal attack were made in 10 states and the District of Columbia, as 35 search warrants were executed across the United States.

Meanwhile, Dutch prosecutors confirmed four citizens arrested yesterday in the Netherlands were part of a splinter group known as AntiSec NL, which allegedly hacked the sites of dating service Pepper.nl and communications software maker Nimbuzz. 

“Their most important purported goal was stealing and making public private data of government services and companies,” the national prosecutor’s office claimed in a statement.

As TG Daily previously reported, the latest anti-Anonymous operation kicked off Tuesday morning when 10 FBI agents swept the Baldwin, Long Island, home of Giordani Jordan and seized at least one laptop.

The federal operation against the group comes just weeks after Anonymous activists associated with the AntiSec movement raided defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton and IRC Federal – a government-contracted IT company which routinely works with a number of federal entities, including the FBI, Army, Navy, NASA and the Department of Justice.

Both raids closely followed an extensive (and highly embarrassing) digital campaign waged against Arizona law enforcement officials.