Technology finds cheapest textbooks for college students has combined real-time new and used textbook pricing with constant information updates from stores to offer the lowest prices around.

“I created with the goal of finding great deals from individuals who are selling items they no longer need, but I also wanted to feature all the large brick and mortar retailers. It turns out this approach is perfect for used textbook shopping,” says FindersCheapers founder James Krewson.

“We offer real-time pricing for new, used and rental textbooks, along with the best textbook search capabilities on the Interne. Our basic search allows the user to search by any attribute including the ISBN number. We also provide full text search capabilities for students without ISBN information. Students may also refine their textbook search using popular search filters such as title, edition, publisher, author, book format, etc.”

The reason that textbook shoppers benefit from using FindersCheapers is their search filtering.

For example, searching for the word “biology” gives thousands of search results because of the popularity of the term in textbook titles.

But, when shoppers use FindersCheapers’ search filtering, they can pinpoint results by publisher, author, or edition to quickly locate the lowest price for the book they want.


FindersCheapers checks used book prices in real-time and cross references them in real-time within key marketplaces like Amazon Marketplace, Alibris, eBay and They also display daily price updates from major brick and mortar stores such as Barnes and Noble and Wal-Mart.


FindersCheapers has over 55 million product listings that cover all product categories; they are one of the most comprehensive consumer product search engines on the Internet. Students can also find real-time prices on school supplies and other educational items.


“In addition to real-time pricing and enhanced product searches, it is the variety of products we offer which makes FindersCheapers unique,” Krewson explained.

“Many shopping websites focus on a select range of products but I created a website that offers one-stop price comparison for most products in the United States.”


Now all FindersCheapers needs to do is find a way to make more digital textbooks available to students so they can save even more money.