New gadget lets your dog Tweet. Seriously.

As if enough humans weren’t Tweeting already, there’s a new item that actually gives man’s best friend the power to share his or her waking thoughts to the Internet as well.

Yes, if you attach the “Puppy Tweets” medallion to your dog’s collar, its built-in voice sensor will realize when your dog barks.

You link up the device to a Twitter account that you’ve set up for your dog. Then, when it barks into the device, it will automatically post a randomly-generated message to the account. The idea is this message will be a “translated” version of the bark.

So, for example, if he sounds sad it could post the message, “I bark because I miss you. There, I said it. Now hurry home.” More than 500 phrases are included in the little gadget, so it won’t last too long before repeat posts start appearing.

Of course, the dog needs to be within the vicinity of your home Wi-Fi network. As someone who’s not really a dog person, I can just imagine the times when I go over to someone’s house, their dogs start barking like crazy and giving me a headache, and their owners just chuckle about the cute Twitter messages he’s posting.

Nah, I kid the dog owners. This is actually a very cute device.

Not quite as functional as giving your dog a SIM card, but not as weird either.

Twitter has been increasing its user base at an unbelievable, almost unmatched pace in the world of online services. It’s believed that it should reach 200 million users by the end of the year. It’s been said that there are six dogs for every one human. Well, you do the math…

It’s available for $35 from Think Geek