Netflix goes down over the weekend

Customers wanting to spend the end of Father’s Day watching a movie on Netflix were sorely disappointed.

Over the weekend, the video rental company’s instant streaming service got kicked offline. Even those wanting to put a new DVD in their queue had difficulty, because the website was also taken down.

After Netflix responded to complaints on its official Twitter account, few details were shared about what happened.

“Hi everyone, we’re working hard to bring the website and watch instantly back up. We’ll post again when everything is back online,” the company wrote late last night.

In this environment of nonstop hacking attacks and data breaches, some expressed concern over Twitter that Netflix had become the latest cyber victim.

However, in media reports this morning, the video site was quoted as saying it was a technical issue and was resolved as quickly as possible.

Indeed, just a few hours after it posted the initial message about the service outage, Netflix confirmed “The website and watch instantly are online.”

However, it noted, “some are still having issues with activating devices. We’ll have that fixed ASAP too.” However, as of 11:30 AM Eastern Time, the company had not updated its status beyond that.