Get a job, you twit!

 If you’ve got oodles of time to waste on services like Twitter, it probably means you need a job, and guess what? Tweetdeck wants to help you find one.

Teaming up with the busybodies at TwitJobSearch, Tweetdeck has started to offer a desktop client unoriginally named “Jobdeck”, to irritatingly chirp jobs at you every few seconds and drive you to distraction. 

The way it apparently works is that TwitJobSearch’s algorithm finds and indexes all tweets pertaining to job recruitment and pushes them to Jobdeck, which is almost exactly like TweetDeck, but with two extra columns entitled ‘Job Search Experts’ and ‘TwitJobSearch’. 

If you’re really into social not-working, you can also add your LinkedIn and Facebook feed to the mix, in which case following it all really does become something of a full time job.

So how exactly do you make money from unemployment? Well, TwitJobSearch already lets recruiters pay for “Tweetured” job listings, but as of the time of writing, JobDeck wasn’t offering such a feature. Perhaps they don’t have the manpower just yet.

One of Tweetdeck’s main competitors, web based personal brand aggregator, Peoplebrowsr, “a data mine and social search engine for real time conversations,” told TG Daily it was interested to hear about JobDeck and thanked us for the “cool heads up.” 

Project manager Priscilla Scala also told TG Daily that Peoplebrowsr had a “lot of projects going on right now including analytics, campaigns and data mining,” but would “definitely keep the jobs idea in mind.” 

Happy to be of service, we’ll invoice you our consultant fee.

Now, if you don’t mind, all this work is distracting us from the uber importance of our Twitter feed.