Comcast outage affects East Coast during holiday weekend

As one of the biggest holiday weekends of the year was coming to an end, potentially tens of thousands of customers found themselves without any Internet access, and a provider that said it had no idea why there was a problem.

Comcast was in the center of a Twitter blizzard last night as users began complaining about the fact that their Internet service was down. Thanks to mobile apps, users were able to Tweet about their broadband service provider.

The outage affected Comcast subscribers from Baltimore to Boston all along the East Coast, and thanks to Twitter it could be seen that problems began around 8:00 PM. The provider said it brought in additional staff to help figure out what happened, but admitted it had no idea what caused the problem.

Curiously, it only affected Internet service and there was absolutely no outage of cable or phone service, even though it goes through the same wires. The only thing people were able to figure out was it had something to do with Comcast’s Domain Name Servers (DNS).

While service has now been restored, the company will not divulge what happened. All it will say is that there was an outage, and it has since been fixed.

For the customers who were without Internet for hours, at the end of a critical holiday weekend, it’s not much of an apology.