NEC to upgrade underwater PanAmerican cable

Tokyo (Japan) – Yesterday, NEC announced it will be upgrading the underwater cable running from the west coast of South America through Panama to the Caribbean, a distance in excess of 2000 miles. Eleven telecom companies are involved in a consortium that is buying the PanAmerican cable.

The eleven companies who have purchased the cable are ANTELECOM, AT&T, Cable Andino, C&W Panama, CNT, CANTV, EMBRATEL, ENTEL Chile, SETAR, Telecom Colombia and TELMEX.

This new cable upgrades the original cable which was installed 10 years ago in 1999. Due to rising bandwidth requirements, the upgrade will bring modern 10 Gbps wavelengths to the new cable, increasing .

The upgrade will be completed by the end of this year. Wikipedia has a list of submarine cables around the world as of 2005. TG Daily has not been able to verify the accuracy of this list, though it reports that some of the cables are used for scientific purposes, others are completely abandoned. The list is extensive and includes over 300 entries. A PDF shows how many billions of dollars have been invested in underwater cables. The trend reached a high point before the dot-com bust earlier this decade of around $12 billion. As of 2004, well under $1 billion is invested annually.

See NEC’s press release.