Mingleverse promises live 3D telecomms

A startup is set to launch a system which combines 3D voice, good audio and visual telecommunications to connect people across countries and continents.

Mingleverse allows people to create customized meeting rooms and customized avatars and lets you set up virtual classrooms, conferencing or even shops.

Ron Stevens, co-founder of Mingleverse, told TG Daily that he didn’t believe there was any competition to the system available on the internet.  Systems like Second Life are not comparable because Mingleverse offers a high degree of customization without high overheads. The software allows people to “teleport” in and out of live meetings from anywhere in the world, and can be used as a store front or as a telephone system, he said.

The software is available for enterprises, for small and medium size businesses and for any group. Stevens said that the voice channel is encryped 128 bits SSL – rooms can be sealed by an HTTPS web connection.

The sound system uses stereo so if one avatar is on your virtual left and another on your virtual right, the voice comes from the right direction.

He said that people could set up live Comedy Rooms, Author Rooms or Teacher Rooms, or use Mingleverse as an online forum for publications or for any other venture. Below is an example of a demo coffee shop. Icons on the right of the screen allow you to upload video, presentations, and images.

Mingleverse, he said, runs on a Linux cluster and will be formally launched on September 10th. The private beta software can be accessed here.