Meet the Lens Scanner – a Revolutionary App to Get Your Glasses Prescription Online

Shopping eyewear online just got easier (and cooler!) with the launch of a new app from SmartBuyGlasses, developed by 6over6. 

The Lens Scanner allows customers to quickly and effortlessly perform their own eye test to retrieve their eyeglasses prescription online. This advancement in digital healthcare technology is completely free of charge and set to revolutionize shopping for eyeglasses online.

sbg lens scanner

All you need are your current pair of eyeglasses, a smartphone, and a computer to obtain your free prescription. Simply download the app and follow the prompts to scan your current eyeglasses’ prescription. Once the scan is complete, your prescription will be displayed on the screen. It will automatically be saved and added to any eyeglasses you wish to purchase on the

The app is developed by 6over6, an Israeli tech start-up. The fact that the company was recently acquired by the American eyewear industry leader 1-800 Contacts is a testament to its success and continuous development. 

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The Lens Scanner meets the industry guidelines for accuracy (ANSI-80.17) and has been developed to simplify the process of getting an accurate prescription reading, making it easier and cheaper to order new eyeglasses online. The service extracts the optical parameters from your current eyeglasses and as such, it does not replace an eye exam. Your current eyeglasses prescription must be valid, typically within a 24 month period from when the initial prescription is issued at the conclusion of an eye exam. The app may not be used for multifocal or progressive lenses and for certain eye conditions, as the software cannot guarantee an accurate reading. A minimum age of 18 years is required for someone to use the app. For more details, please read the full terms and conditions. 

SmartBuyGlasses Lens Scanner is compatible with both iOS and Android and available for free in both the App Store and Google Play Store.

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